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March 30, 2018

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Book:Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team by Simon Sinek
If you want to feel an undying passion for your work, if you want to feel you are contributing to something bigger, this book provides a step-by-step guide to help you find more inspiration at work and in turn provide inspiration to those around you.

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Existing Home Sales increased 3% in February to 5.54 million units. Sales soared 11.4% in the West and 6.6% in the South, where the bulk of sales activity occurs. They fell 12.3% in the Northeast and 2.4% in the Midwest.

According to the NAR, over the past year, sales of houses priced below $100,000 dropped 17% and properties in the $100,000-250,000 price range slipped 1%.

Houses for sale typically stayed on the market for 37 days in February, however, 46% homes sold in February were on the market for less than a month.

Pending-Home Sales rose 3.1% to 107.5 in February. Pending sales surged 10.3% in the Northeast, and rose 3.0% in the South, 0.7% in the Midwest and 0.4% in the West in February.

New Home Sales fell 0.6% to 618,000 units in February. Economists had forecast a 4.4% rise. Sales increased 19.4% in the Northeast and 9% in the South, which accounts for the bulk of new home sales, but decreased 3.7% in the Midwest and 17.6% in the West.

The median new house price was $326,800, a 9.7% increase from a year ago. At February’s sales pace it would take 5.9 months to clear the supply of houses on the market. About two-thirds of the houses sold last month were either under construction or yet to be built.

Providing Better Service For Home Buyers With Disabilities

Discuss housing priorities with buyer clients before you show them anything. Find out what is the hardest part of your client’s day can provide direction. If kitchen chores are tough, show properties accordingly. Deaf individuals may not mind that listing under the airport. Most of all, realize that almost everyone is depending on others for basics like getting to a grocery store, so properties with close shopping with easily accessible public transportation are usually popular.

Allow more time to show homes to special needs buyers. Blind clients may want you to describe home features in great detail, need to explore walls and openings using a tactile approach, or stand in the center of a room clapping or making a clicking sound to hear the contours of the space. A hearing-impaired client may bring along a friend who can help interpret for them, while a person with speech impairments may bring a tablet or phone that talks for them.

Fresh April Content Ideas for Your Social Channels

We have found that posting regularly to our social media channels is a great way to stay top of mind with our borrowers and attract new leads. You can create posts for these topics and schedule in advance so that you’re covered for April. You’ll still need to check your social channels each day to engage with those who have posted or commented on your posts.

April is Autism Awareness Month, Lawn & Garden Month, Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Month, Financial Literacy Month. 
April 1 – Easter ideas: Ask your followers to share photos of their painted eggs
April 13 – Friday the 13th ideas: Ask your followers to share what objects they use for luck
April 17 – Taxes Day ideas: Reminder followers to submit their tax return, Share our blog post: Invest In Your Future: Use Your Tax Refund Towards A Down Payment On Your Home
April 22 – Earth Day ideas: Share practical ways to go green at home 

In addition to celebrating holidays, be sure to mix in plenty of topics that demonstrate your real estate knowledge and experience. Get April real estate topics >

Construction Workers Least Likely To Have Health Insurance

The average uninsured rate for fulltime workers in the U.S. is 11,7%, but the percentage of certain categories of construction workers without health insurance is much higher, including roofers (50.5%); drywall hangers, finishers and ceiling tile installers (49.5%); plasterers and stucco masons (49.1%); fence installers (45.7%); carpet, tile and floor installers (45.2%); painters and paperhangers (43.1%); construction trade helpers (42.8%); installation, maintenance and repair helpers (40.5%); cement masons, concrete finishers and terrazzo workers (38.7%); brick masons, block masons, stonemasons and reinforced iron and rebar workers (38.6%); and construction laborers (37.5%).

For construction workers insurance coverage is especially important as construction has the eighth-highest rate of incidents involving nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses.

New Wood Material That Matches The Strength Of Steel

University of Maryland scientists have created a way to treat wood that makes it 12 times stronger than natural wood and 10 times tougher. It is as strong as steel, but six times lighter. It takes 10 times more energy to fracture than natural wood. It can even be bent and molded at the beginning of the process.

The team’s process begins by removing the wood’s lignin, the part of the wood that makes it both rigid and brown in color. Then it is compressed under mild heat, at about 150° F. This causes the cellulose fibers to become very tightly packed, making the wood five times thinner than its original size. Any defects like holes or knots are crushed together. The treatment process was extended a little further with a coat of paint.

new strong wood material



Information Courtesy of Jason Browning with Certainty 

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