6 Most Overlooked Spring Cleaning Chores


A Host of Bacteria

You probably love your morning shower, but if you’re not cleaning your showerhead, you could be bathing in bacteria. A study from the University of Colorado found that 30 percent of showerheads had bacteria on them that causes lung infections. Give it a good disinfecting to make sure you’ll really be exiting the shower cleaner than when you entered!




Bin Better

Finally, think of the trash cans! Unspeakable things can grow on the bottom from leaking garbage bags. Your best bet is to take them outside and use the pressure of a hose to get them sparkling clean.




Hold Up

Stair banisters are another frequently neglected item. When you stop to think about all the handling they get every day, it’s not hard to see them for the germ magnets they are. Help keep your home healthy by giving your banister a quick wipe down with a cleaning spray or hot soapy water.



Horrors Hidden in Plain Sight

No more excuses…it’s time for spring cleaning! When giving your house a good once-over, take note: There are things you might be overlooking that could be turning into a bio-hazard right under your nose. Click through to learn the 6 most neglected cleaning chores so you can give these germ and dirt magnets the attention they so desperately need!



Over Your Head

One of the most common places to find overlooked grime is your ceiling fan. Clean the top of the blades to make sure dust, dirt and who-knows-what aren’t flying off onto you or your guests when you flip the fan on.



Out of Sight

Next, clean the top of the fridge. It’s not a place you see daily — unless you’re super tall — but kitchen grease, dirt and grime can accumulate there quickly. That could lead to germs and even a fungus or two. It’s especially important to keep the surface clean if you store anything up there.



Green…and Germy

Those cloth reusable grocery bags are great for the environment, but do you wash them? Remember, you’ve probably had raw meat in them. They need a good cleaning after each use. Unless the bag says otherwise, wash them in hot water.




Information Courtesy of The Money Pit 

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