The New Lower Bois’darc Lake is COMING!!!

The North Texas Water District will build and operate the Bois D’arc Lake with close coordination with local, state and federal authorities, including the City of Bonham, Fannin County, Texas Water Development Board, Texas Parks and Wildlife, among others. The lake will be roughly the same size as Lavon Lake or about one-fifth the size of Lake Texoma. It is estimated the lake will cost nearly $1 billion with construction planned to begin in 2016. Please visit our real estate page for more information on what opportunities exist for investing in lake lots and nearby property.


There has not been a lake built in Texas in over 30 years. The New Bois D’arc Lake construction is slated to begin in early 2016. This will have a large economic impact on even the smaller surrounding cities like Dodd City, which already boasts an exemplary school district.



Information Courtesy of Bois’ Darc Lake 

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