Want to reduce your property taxes? Here’s how

Filing a tax protest before May 15 could get you some relief.




It’s time for homeowners to get busy and fight sticker shock with the tools they have available.

Yes, we know you’re incensed that your property taxes seem to go up every year. You’re angry that lawmakers have seemingly done little about it.

Long term you can join the brewing political battle that will hit Austin like a concussion bomb when the state legislature meets in January.


In the short term — by May 15 — you should channel your frustration into filing a tax protest if you believe the county valued your property at more than it would typically sell for. It’s your best option for whittling down your tax payment this year.

Jeff Law, the chief tax appraiser in Tarrant County, says last year nearly half of Tarrant property owners who protested got some relief. So your chances are much better than playing the lottery.



Information Courtesy of Author: Star-Telegram Published: 11:13 AM CDT April 17, 2018 Updated: 11:13 AM CDT April 17, 2018

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