How to Replace Moldy Grout

When grout becomes discolored, cracked and chipped, it’s time to replace it. To grout it yourself, follow these step-by-step instructions.

Photo By: Lee Rogers / iStock

Sick of Moldy Grout?

Here’s what you need to fix it: 1. Grout saw 2. Vacuum or soft brush 3. Abrasive cleaner 4. Rags 5. Grout (non-sanded for joints smaller than 1/8-inch, sanded for 1/8 or bigger) 6. Float 7. Citrus-based cleaner 8 Grout Sealer


Photo: Konstik / istock

Saw Out the Mold

Working in one 2-by-2-foot area at a time, run the saw up and down the grout line.

Photo: Yunava1 / iStock

Vacuum Loose Residue

Vacuum out flaked residue, or use a soft brush to remove the grout pieces.


Photo: FotoDuets / iStock

Clean Grout Joints

Put some abrasive cleaner on a wet rag and rub the joint to remove any remaining residue.


Photo: John Loo via Flickr Creative Commons 2.0

Mix the Grout

Carefully follow the directions regarding the proportions of water and dry ingredients because grout wonโ€™t last if itโ€™s too wet when mixed.


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