Family Compass

Who We Are

Family Compass is a non-profit agency that believes that every child has the fundamental right to a healthy family and environment, the opportunity to succeed in school and the capacity to experience life without violence. The mission of Family Compass is to build healthy families and a strong North Texas community by preventing child abuse and neglect. This is accomplished through our two home mentoring programs and our community education program for families that have elevated risk for child abuse and reside in the poorest communities throughout Dallas and Collin County.  



What We Do 

All of our programs follow evidence-based curriculums, are voluntary and are free of charge.  Our staff works directly with parents and children in their homes and communities to:

  • Provide families with community referrals and access to resources.
  • Work through hands-on parenting activities aimed at helping parents better understand and interact with their children.
  • Coach and model effective parenting techniques. 
  • Educate through parenting classes.
  • Host parent support groups.

Family Compass implements only evidence-based, nationally recognized programs. Our focus centers on providing a continuum of educational, supportive, and therapeutic services for women in order to help stabilize their home environment. Programs are conducted utilizing two service models: home mentoring and community-based education. The Home Mentoring arm of our programming is long-term and provides voluntary in-home services for struggling families. Our Home Mentoring Programs address intergenerational cycles of poverty, long-term trauma on mother and child, domestic violence, and educational/career attainment. The Community Education arm of our programming seeks to infuse communities with education, information, knowledge, and skills about parenting best practices. All of our programs work in synergy to build healthy families in North Texas.

Our Impact

Since inception, Family Compass has served over 48,000 children and parents in North Texas.  In 2017 alone, we served 2,043 parents and children. The success of our work is shown through our results, some examples of which are:

  • 94% of families we served were not referred to Child Protective Services 
  • 80% of parents served remained in school or retained employment
  • All of our primary programs are nationally accredited.

Our History

Family Compass was established in 1992 under the name “The Exchange Club Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse of DFW, Inc.” by more than 400 Dallas Exchange Club members as a result of escalating incidents of child abuse and a lack of services focused on child abuse prevention. We have served over 48,000 high-risk children and parents whose past and present circumstances put the children at high-risk of child abuse.

Throughout our history, we consistently received referrals from neighboring Collin County; however, services could not be provided due to the focus on meeting needs in Dallas County. In late 2014, we merged with Family Outreach of Richardson Plano (FORP), a 41-year-old non-profit with a similar mission. This merger allowed us to provide our Home Mentoring Programs in Collin County under the Family Compass name and infrastructure. In 2015, our reach into Collin County further expanded as we received a grant through the Texas Health and Human Services Commission for the implementation of the Growing As Parents Program through in-home mentoring. This expansion has allowed us to hire one supervisor and three additional Parent Educators for Collin County, one of whom is bilingual.

In 2012, we celebrated our 20th anniversary and adopted our new name, Family Compass, to signal our success and clearly communicate our purpose of guiding parents in a new direction and towards a path of health, healing, and hope. In 2014, we developed a new strategic plan to guide us in providing quality services to high-risk families in our community. We have a short and long-term vision of raising the visibility of the agency as a resource and thought leader in child abuse prevention, sustainably increasing service provision to struggling families, and expanding awareness on the need for child abuse prevention. A critical piece of our plan was to expand our service reach into North Texas and into Collin County.



Information Courtesy of Family Compass 

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