Stunning Chandeliers To Suit Every Design Style

Like jewelry for your home, the perfect chandelier is a stylish statement maker no matter your style.

Brain Kellogg 

Midcentury Modern

“Since this room is so rich with pattern, color and texture, we really needed an element that would ground the space beyond the area rug,” says designer Kerrie Kelly. “This interesting statement light fixture truly brought the room together by using what we call the sixth wall — the ceiling — as our anchoring effect.”

“When looking for the perfect chandelier, go with your gut. Don’t be afraid to go big and have the fixture almost serve as a piece of artwork to the design,” Kerrie says.


Bernard Andre Photography 

Contemporary Cottage

Paired with white shiplap walls and a trio of simple windows providing a verdant view, this glass starburst fixture brings a contemporary touch to the cottage design, while adding dimension and a bit of sparkle.


Chass Everitt International Property Group , a member of luxury Portfolio International 

Rustic Ranch

In this high-ceilinged entryway, an antler chandelier pairs with the animal hide rug and other accents for a rustic-luxe look in the entryway of this modern ranch. The chandelier brings a natural touch and a ton of texture and eye appeal to the scene.



Tessa Neustadt 

Bohemian Beauty

What gives this pretty pair of chandeliers their boho vibe? “The beads! Anything with beads reads bohemian to us,” says designer Wendy Blackband. “The linked circles in the design of the chandelier are more contemporary, which make for a nice combination of styles in one piece. We also love the mix of gold and white finishes!”

“Light, scale and style are three important elements to be aware of” when selecting your ideal chandlier, says Wendy. One other thing? “Make it fun! There are so many cool chandeliers out there. Think of it as a piece of art and find the one that inspires you,” Wendy says.


Michael J Lee

Tasteful Traditional

In this elegant and classic design, a pearl-laden chandelier works well with the neutral tones of the furnishings while adding a luxurious look. The exquisite coffered ceiling is the perfect backdrop for the gorgeous multi-light fixture.

Information Courtesy of Melissa Macron – HGTV

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