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Dear Friends,

The Colbert Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, focusing on giving back to those who have selflessly given to the communities in which they serve. Our mission is to provide financial assistance, along with support, to other fire families facing financial strife brought on by illness or off duty injury.

What began as fundraising efforts for our own family left us wanting to create a way to provide means and ways for others that so selflessly gave to our family. From that, we have been able to raise over $250,000.00 with the help of countless volunteers, donations, donors and our wonderful sponsors over the past 3 years.

My husband, Devon Colbert, who is honored to not only call Garland Fire Department his department and home away from home but also our extended family, as well as being a volunteer firefighter for Rockwall Fire Department, was the first recipient at the Firefighters Ball 2012.

It was December 17, 2012, when Devon and our son were involved in a motor vehicle accident in our hometown of Rockwall, TX. Our son, which was 2 years old at the time, was left unharmed and scratch free. However, Devon was left with a life altering neck injury, resulting in paralysis. Life as we knew it was changed from that moment. As a wife and mother, I was left with no real certainty of anything…but there was one thing for certain, our Garland Fire family, along with the Rockwall Fire Department and Rockwall Fire Marshall’s Office, were thinking ahead on our family’s behalf and the potential financial strains and pains we would be facing and began working to devise a way to rally around us, our family, to create an epic fundraising effort, The Firefighters Ball.

The goal and main focus of creating an annual event, such as this, was to show the true meaning behind “BROTHERHOOD” by getting a multitude of departments within the fire community, along with local and surrounding businesses and individuals, involved together under one roof, for one night, to raise awareness and funds for our family as we faced our own financial uncertainties. It was from these efforts, Devon was afforded the ability to continue countless hours of rehabilitation, get needed equipment and transportation, and keep the roof over our head. I am not sure where we would be at this time if it would not have been for the individuals who acted so quickly on our family’s behalf.

It is from experiencing such acts of kindness, we as a family, were left with an overwhelming since of gratitude. From that feeling we knew that it wasn’t over, rather this project was just beginning and it was now our turn to continue on with these efforts and begin a non-profit organization. That is when the Colbert Project was started. Here we are today, two recipients have been granted assistance and the need continues. Please join us in our efforts in providing a way and bridging a gap as we continue our mission for these special families.

It is because of you we are able to continue to do what we do and it is because of you that we feel honored in doing so. Thank you to the many individuals who believe in what we are doing and continue to support us as we continue to grow day to day. Thank you to the many businesses who have participated in sponsoring our event and businesses who have donated items to our silent and live auctions.

Much LOVE,
Emily Colbert


Our mission is to assist local firefighter families facing the financial strife brought on by illness or off duty injury.

Although we provide assistance throughout the year, the annual Firefighters Ball is our only fundraiser. Your support makes this possible. Please join us in our effort and purchase your ticket or sponsorship today.



Information Courtesy of The Colbert Project 

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