Dallas Teen starts own Business, Creates something Sweet

This isn’t just some limited time promotion. There are always prizes.


Thirteen-year-old Truman Wilson is a video game kind of kid. But no matter what his imagination conceives in that digital fantasy land, it will never compare to what he’s dreamt up in the real world.

“I had no idea it would be this big,” Wilson said. “I thought it would take a few years, but it ended up taking a few months.”

A couple of years ago, Truman was watching the show “Shark Tank” and saw some kids closing a deal Truman had planned to start his own business after college, until that TV show changed his mind.

“That kind of inspired me that it made me realize that I could do a business at a young age,” he said.

So last November Truman created a chocolate bar targeted to kids.

Most kids Truman’s age stick to lemonade stands, but here he was pursuing his own business.

“I’m not really such a big fan of lemonade,” he said. “I don’t drink it that much. I like chocolate a lot better.”

Turns out, he’s not alone. His first day in business Truman sold his entire inventory.

Today, just eight months after launching, it’s sold in 15 locations and there’s even a Truman Bar-flavored gelato in the works.

As good as the chocolate is, Truman knew kids didn’t just want a candy bar, they wanted an experience.

That’s why, inside every wrapper is a code that offers customers a chance to win prizes like a Nintendo Switch or Super Nintendo.

This isn’t just some limited time promotion. There are always prizes.

Of course, anyone can buy a Truman Bar, but it was created by kids, for kids.

Quite literally for kids.

For every bar he sells, Truman gives part of the profits to Vogel Alcove, a Dallas charity that helps children who are homeless.

“I feel like it’s selfish to just take all the money for yourself,” Wilson said. “I feel like I should give back to other kids or the community.”

He may be selling chocolate, but he’s created something even sweeter.



Information Courtesy of Author: Sean Giggy Published: 5:12 AM CDT July 26, 2018 Updated: 6:50 AM CDT July 26, 2018

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