35 No-Brainer Ways to Hide the Ugly Stuff in Your House

Easily disguise household eyesores with these smart and creative solutions.


Shade of Blue Interiors

TV Cords + Speakers

Keep TV cords and speakers out of sight with a do-it-yourself pallet accent wall and a beautiful storage bench underneath.


Me & Mr. Jones

DIY Cable Box Cover

Blend that chunky cable box in with your living room decor by covering it with a sheet of decorative aluminum and stacking it between your favorite books. This is also a great way to hide unsightly TV cords!


Brian Patrick Flynn

Chic Magazine Storage

Magazines piling up? Keep them decoratively organized by rolling them up, then storing in a vintage, weathered soda crate.


Lia Griffith

DIY Birch Wood Fireplace Cover

Get creative with an unused fireplace by dressing it up with this DIY birch wood cover. Another great project? Make this framed art television coverto conceal the TV in a fashionable way when it’s not in use.


Studio Dearborn via Design Chic

Electronics Drawer Organization

Escape the cord clutter that comes with charging multiple electronics at once. Free up counter space with a charging station inside an unused drawer like this one from Design Chic.





Information Courtesy of Ciara MacLellan – HGTV

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