20 Rooms That Prove the Power of Pillows

You can never have too many.

Amy Bartlam

Pretty + Polished

A tailored, tufted headboard and a snappy white duvet unite to serve as a spectacular backdrop for this artful arrangement of pillows. A muted coral and cream-colored lumbar looks lovely, positioned front and center against a set of fresh-pressed shams. Behind the shams, interior designer Jenn Feldman incorporates a trio of smoky, speckled Euros that add drama and dimension in this otherwise light, white design.


Sarah Dorio 

Blue + White, Shibori + Stripes

A porch swing has never looked quite as stunning as it does here, outfitted with a pile of plush, patterned pillows. Swoon! Take note that there are two of each patterned pillow, and they are evenly positioned with one on each side of the swing. Sticking to a certain shade and creating identical pillow piles, as seen here, will allow you to play with pattern without creating a space that feels “busy.”


Sarah Dorio 

Cozy, Cushioned Nook

Book-worms, raise your hand! Is this built-in window nook a living dream or what? An olive-green cushion creates an unmatched spot to snuggle up with your favorite book and fur babies. The key to keeping your eyes open while flipping through, though? Proper support, of course. Enter: beautiful bolsters and perky patterned pillows, galore. Not only do the plush additions accessorize, but they add comfort and function to the space, too.


Amy Bartlam


Playful Pattern

Living in a rental? Use bright hues and energizing patterns to enliven otherwise blank, white spaces. Mimic this eclectic look by piling a crisp white sofa with poppy, pink and purple pillows and a coordinating area rug. Bonus points if you can snag a funky and fiery accessory such as the Aztec rug used here.


Tomas Espinoza

Splendid Screened Porch

Reach a new level of sophistication in your patio seating with the addition of some posh pillows. In doing so, you’ll create a designer dupe look and feel oh-so-cozy in the process. (P.S. Never underestimate the power of a coordinating throw blanket, while you’re at it.)





Information Courtesy of Mari Conti – HGTV

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