25 Bathrooms With Must-Have Features

Need inspiration for your next bathroom remodel? These bathrooms all possess unique features that you never knew you wanted, but won’t be able to live without.

Brian W. Ferry

A Terrazzo Takeover

The surfaces in this bathroom are covered in a trendy Terrazo surface. Made up of small pieces of marble, resin, glass and other various materials, this surface is beautiful anddurable. The contrast of the colorful countertops with the matte black fixtures is incredibly inspiring.


The Brighter the Better

Lighting is key. This bathroom is filled with natural light, but that does not negate the need for some stunning fixtures. The extendable arms on these fixtures are even more functional than the typical wall sconce, making them the perfect practical yet pretty choice.

Jackson Design and Remodeling

Waterfall Bathtub

A ceiling faucet cascades into this bathtub, bringing a soothing waterfall quality to this space. The traditional white bathtub with tall sides lends itself to the Asian design of the rest of the room. Worried about privacy? Frosted glass creates intimacy without taking away from the room’s brightness.


Jerry Jacobs

Everything Revolves Around the Shower

This bathroom takes contemporary to a whole new level. This shower is outfitted with a revolving glass door that adds a spa-like quality without making it feel any less like home.


Rennai Hoefer

Fresh-Looking Floating Vanities

This bathroom is filled with multiple features that make it truly unique, but one of our favorites has to be the double floating vanities. The fresh farmhouse quality gives the space a sense of calm and the under-the-sink storage capabilities cannot be denied.

Information Courtesy of DIY Network 

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