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August 24, 2018

Residential Housing Starts increased 0.9% to a 1.17 million annualized rate (the estimate was 1.26 million) in July after a downwardly revised 1.16 million pace in the prior month. Starts rose 11.6% in the Midwest and 10.4% in the South, but dropped -0.4% in the Northeast and -19.6% in the West.

Single-family starts increased 0.9% to a rate of 862,000 units, and Multifamily starts rose 0.7% to 306,000 in July.

Housing Permits, an indicator of future construction of all types of homes, rose 1.5% to a 1.31 million rate (matching the estimate) after a 1.29 million pace.

Economic Growth To Continue Surge Through 2019

Economic growth in the U.S. is expected to remain above average through the end of 2019 but could fall back from growth levels seen in 2018. The economy could see its growth fall back from about 3% in 2018 to a more moderate 2.3% in 2019. If this forecast is correct and economic expansion continues into next year, it will become the longest expansion in U.S. history.

How To Write A Compelling 30-Second Commercial Of Yourself

In today’s face-paced competitive world, you have about 30-seconds to make a good first impression. In some situations, you may only have 15-seconds to showcase yourself. A 30-second commercial of yourself can be delivered in person or over the phone. The point is to let prospects know who you are and what you do, deliver a distinct and memorable message, and give prospects a reason to choose you for their business. Use these five tips to creating your 30-second commercial.

1. Make a list of what you must include in your commercial:

  • Who you are (name)
  • Your company’s name
  • The services you offer
  • The clientele and neighborhoods you serve
  • How you differ from your competitors

2. Aid in the recall of your name. Stating your full name followed by the name you’d like to be addressed by is a method of helping prospects remember who you are. For example, “My name is Joseph Smith, but please call me Joe.” If you do not have another name you’d like to be addressed by, consider repeating your name for emphasis. “Hi, my name is Joe (pause) Joe Smith.”

3. Answer your listener’s unspoken question.
 Briefly highlight why you should be selected over your competitor.

4. Share what makes you different from your competition.
 State the one thing you do differently from other professionals in your field and use it to sell yourself to your prospect. For example, share how you go above and beyond after a close by following up with a 5-step moving plan to help facilitate a smooth transition from one home to the next.

5. Share benefits, not features.
 Benefits are what the prospect receives and features are what you offer. Instead of listing all the great attributes and skills you possess, phrase them so that you are showcasing how your skills can benefit the prospect or the customers they serve.

Complying With A Homeowner’s Request To Remove Listing Photos After The Sale

New homeowners are requesting the removal of the listing photos of their homes due to privacy and security reasons, but the consensus of the real estate and property appraisal industry is that it is bad for business as the photos serve as comparables for their clients. These homeowners would like to see the industry create a provision for homeowners to opt out of keeping listing photos online, in a program run similarly to a “Do Not Call” list.

In the meantime, if you receive a request, secondary photos – interior shots and any additional exterior shots listed by the broker – can be suppressed from the MLS at the request of the seller’s listing agent or managing broker, so that third parties (such as and the listing agent’s own brokerage site) can no longer display the images.

3-In-1 Roof System Designed For Enhanced Solar Efficiency

A new 3 in 1 solar roof system, encompassing a concealed solar function with a Class A fire rating, a 200+ MPH wind rating, and BTU reductions of up to 38%, is set to release in 2019.

The roof system is composed of heat-resistant closed cell foam that will not rise more than 12 degrees above the ambient temperature, resisting heat gain and keeping surface temperatures low around the solar panels.

The 250lb system is eight times lighter than a standard roof load and is comprised of solar-integrated and non-solar tiles in the size of two feet long and three one-foot shingles wide. The shingles are available in four styles – classic, modern, shake, and slate – and twelve colors – limestone, garnet, midnight, pueblo brown, sandstone, Sierra, slate-green, white, cedar, celery, base gray, and terra-cotta to complement a variety of house styles.

Vintage Living Room Design Trends Making A Come Back

In the design industry, trends are often inspired by the past and refreshed with a modern twist. If you are staging a home to appeal to a hip, on-trend buyer, see if you can incorporate one of the latest vintage living room designs:

  1. All-Natural Furniture: 60s- and 70-style earthy materials, such as rattan armchairs and matching side tables, would suit a sunlit three-season room.
  2. Gold: ‘80s-style gold pairs with living rooms in dark, dramatic colors such as hunter greens or inky blues. Consider starting with a few gold accents to test it out first.
  3. Conversation Pits: Our move toward more social open spaces has brought back conversation pits but in neutral colored couches with colorful accent pillows.
  4. Graphic Artwork: This anti-minimalist design scheme from the 80s matches impactful and unique pieces of art, with clean-lined furniture, to add a dramatic focal point of a room.
  5. Coke Glam: Mirrored coffee tables, deconstructed lines, gold everything, and earth tones are the epitome of this ‘70s style.
  6. Mid-Century Modern: This trend is still relevant, and now that mass furniture producers like West Elm and Crate & Barrel have released lines, the design trend should be continuing for at least the next three to four years.
  7. Brutalist Design: Industrial metallics and furniture with interesting textures bring back the raw look from the 1970s.
  8. Wallpaper: Today’s wallpaper choices are easier to install and glamorous. Wallpaper made a comeback in power rooms and small spaces, and but now statement walls and beautiful designs are featured in living rooms.




Information Courtesy of Jason Browning – Certainty Home Loans 

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