15 Things Every First Home or Apartment Needs

Spoiler: a stocked bar makes the top five.

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Find your footing in your new home by purchasing a durable, stylish and, most importantly, properly sized area rug. While you’re at it, grab a runner, too! These are investment-worthy additions for your first place because with proper care, rugs will last for many, many years. We’re talking forever, people. The best part? Rugs are the easiest way to add warmth, comfort and personal style into any room, anywhere. And unlike paint, rugs roll up so you can take your warm, comfortable style wherever life leads you.


Kirsten Kaplan

Conversational Coffee Table

Use your coffee table for more than just your morning cup o’ joe, people! Scope out a coffee table that works double time to reward your space with a sleek design and functional surface and storage component. Add fresh flowers, color coordinated hardcovers and one-of-a-kind tchotchkes for a polished, styled look.

Laurie Perez

Stocked Bar Cart

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst — adulthood in a nutshell, right? Thus, we suggest you keep a well-stocked and styled bar cart within reach for the days that call for celebration and the days that call for cabernet-induced sedation. Use the cart as an excuse to stock up on cute coasters, sassy stirs, bar napkins and Pinot Grigio galore — no judgement here.


Amy Bartlam

Coordinating Dishware + Cutlery

Keep things crisp and tidy with coordinating dishware and cutlery. Investing in harmonious dishware is especially crucial for smaller spaces or open shelving, as it keeps the space feeling open and airy. Classic white-on-white sets, as pictured here, guarantee a clean and orderly appearance — even when they’re left haphazard and used around the house.




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