Escape Room


Dallas’s Escape The Room first opened its doors and the minds of its customers to this truly unique gaming experience in May 2016. Escape The Room Fort Worth opened its state of the art escape room experience just a few years later in May of 2018 making sure that people from all around the DFW Metroplex could enjoy the excitement and entertainment of our escape rooms. DFW was an ideal place for us to open multiple locations because of the diverse population in the 13-counties that make up one of the country’s most unique metropolitan areas. The two locations, much like the two cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, present their own unique experiences with a total of eight unique themed escape rooms between the two cities. Just when you think you’ve beaten all our escape games, we have plenty more challenges awaiting you.


With Fort Worth and Dallas both unique cities that have their own style, speed, and lifestyle we had to open two truly unique Escape The Room locations, one in each of DFW’s most popular areas. We might have locations all over the country, like Chicago, New York, Atlanta and Pittsburgh, but Dallas-Fort Worth is one of only three markets with two different locations.

Our Dallas location has been able to host some of the city’s top companies and sports teams. Tony Romo had an awesome time in our escape room with his friends and made it out in the nick of time. Dude knows how to get it done in the clutch!

Fort Worth is in the perfect spot for residents and visitors to Fort Worth, nestled in the heart of Downtown Fort Worth, you will not find another experience like our Fort Worth escape room.


The two Escape The Rooms boast eight unique themed escape rooms, with only the Western Bank Heist being in both locations. Escape The Room Dallas has four unique escape rooms: The Agency, The Western Bank Heist, The Dig, and The Apartment. All of them with a specific setting built to immerse you into the puzzle. For instance, you’ll take on the role of a secret agent on a classified mission in The Agency. If you don’t mind taking a trip into the heart of the earth, The Dig offers the perfect ambiance. See how quickly an ordinary residence can become a claustrophobic, yet perfectly decorated, domicile of doom in The Apartment. Looking for something a little more wild? Get stuck in the past as you try to rob a bank in the Wild West.

Escape The Room Fort Worth has five unique rooms, four of them brand new to the DFW area. You can try your hand at Western Bank Heist, The Submarine, The Theater, The Clock Tower or 3 Mile Island. Each one will push your skills to the edge if you want to escape before time runs out. Stop a deranged sea captain and help get your crew safely to the surface in The Submarine. The puppets don’t want to go on stage and are revolting one hour before showtime, solve the puzzles before the curtain rises in The Theater. Travel back in time and find your way back to the future in The Clock Tower. The reactor is melting, and you and your group are the only chance the city has before disaster strikes, stop the meltdown in 3 Mile Island.

Regardless of which room you choose, you’ll have 60 minutes to search for clues and make an escape before time runs out. After you’ve successfully triumphed over one challenge, we hope to see you back for the other mysteries that await in our other rooms.

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