Endearing moment caught at Dallas Whataburger as employee cuts man’s food

A father from Cedar Hill is applauding a Whataburger and its staff in Dallas after he caught a heartwarming moment there on his phone earlier this week.


On Wednesday, Mike Lara said that he traveled to Dallas for business and was on Lemmon Avenue when he got a little hungry. Lara, who admits that he has a soft spot for Whataburger, decided to swing over to the one closest to him and get some grub.

Little did he know, he was in for more than a meal. He immediately hit record on his phone when an employee at the restaurant offered up an act of kindness. Lara said that he noticed a man in a wheelchair come into the restaurant out of the corner of his eye and order. “I saw him come in, he ordered his food, and then he sat at a table,” Lara said.

The man, who can’t use his right arm or speak well according to a manager, then requested help from an employee when his food arrived. “They were trying to communicate, but couldn’t,” Lara said. “And then she gestured asking if he wanted her to cut up his food and then he said yes.”

In the video, you see the employee cutting the man’s food from a distance. Lara said he immediately forgot he was in a fast food restaurant.

“You wouldn’t think that would be part of their job,” Lara said. “It was a privilege for me just to be there and watch it—I needed it that day.”

But this story gets a little more heartwarming. The manager told WFAA that the man in the wheelchair is a regular. Another manager also said that every employee is trained to help him eat if he asks for help. “We don’t see that a lot, and you know we need to see that from time to time,” Lara said.

The employee in the video couldn’t do an interview with WFAA on Friday—but Lara just wanted to tell her ‘thank you’. “It was very inspirational, and I’ll never forget it,” he said.




Information Courtesy of Author: Matt Howerton Published: 9:23 PM CDT August 24, 2018 Updated: 10:23 PM CDT August 24, 2018

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