These cities are the easiest places in Texas to sell a home


While more residents are moving into the Dallas-Fort Worth region than relocating elsewhere, if you’re looking to sell your North Texas home, you’re in luck.

According to a study by SmartAsset, the top 10 easiest places to sell a home in Texas are all located in DFW. Leading the list is Seagoville, which scored a 96.62 out of 100 on SmartAsset’s Ease of Sale Index.

See the other North Texas cities on the list by clicking through the slideshow above.

To compile its ranking, SmartAsset looked at four factors: housing market stability, affordability, fluidity and risk of loss. Stability was determined by measuring the number of years owners stay in their homes and the percentage of owners with negative equity.

Risk was determined using the percentage of homes in a city that have decreased in value. Market fluidity was measured by number of days a for-sale home is on the market. And affordability was calculated as the monthly cost of owning a home versus the percentage of household income in each city.

Mesquite, at 12.6 percent, had the highest number of homes decreasing in value among the report’s top 10. However, that’s well below the statewide average of 31.9 percent.

Houses in each of the 10 cities also spend less than a month on the market before selling. That’s significantly less than the Texas-wide average, at 79.4 days.



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