8 Fall Lawn Care Tips to Get Grass Ready for Winter

Fall is a great time to make sure that your lawn is healthy and ready to sleep during the winter season. Although growth rates of your lawn can drastically slow down during the fall compared to summer lawn growth, you may be surprised at other maintenance that is important to do during this cooler time of year. Consider these eight fall lawn care tips to keep your lawn healthy.

#1 Keep It Trimmed

fall lawn care

Depending on the kind of grass variety of your lawn, you will still need to keep your lawn mowed on a regular basis throughout the fall season. Make sure to only cut off up to 1/3 of the grass blade in order to keep the grass roots from damage. You may be able to spread apart your mowings due to the slower growing conditions but make sure to not stop mowing all together.





Information Courtesy of Rachael Baihn – The Money Pit 

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