Fabulous Front Porches to Take You Through Fall

With fall in full swing, we decided to check out how some of our favorite design bloggers are celebrating the season. Find inspiration with the colors, textures, natural elements and fun, found objects each has incorporated into their welcoming front porch.

Photo by Kelly Wilkness with of my Soulful Home

Welcoming Home

“I designed the foundational elements, such as the wicker sofa, chairs and tables with function and comfort foremost in mind. Those pieces are the ‘bones’ of the look and don’t change,” says Kelly Wilkness of My Soulful Home. “Once you have the foundational ‘bones’ in place, layer on the comfort with pillows, throws and maybe an ottoman.”

With the furniture in place, Kelly can easily and inexpensively swap out accessories for the seasons. “I used drop cloths that I made into drapes to further delineate the space making it more cozy and room-like,” she says. “Vintage pieces always lend character and a unique quality to a space. On my porch, the chippy birdcage and lion statuary fill that role.”

Photo by Laurie Dickson

A Light-Bulb Moment

Getting creative with pumpkins and other natural elements, Laurie Dickson of Vin’yet Etc created a one-of-a-kind fall vignette we adore. “While out for a walk one evening, I noticed some beautiful ivy growing on a fence. The berries on that ivy caught my attention. I knew the contrast of the dark berries against the white pumpkins would be very lovely,” says Laurie.

“I wanted to balance the pumpkin centerpiece and the beautiful green oak leaves with vintage-like Edison lights and decided to use a birch bark log to suspend the wired lights from it. I then added the angle to create movement,” Laurie says.

Photo by Laurie Dickson

Cozy Up

Laurie’s autumn front porch is also an inviting place to cuddle up and enjoy the season. “I wanted to create a cozy zone for drinking my morning coffee, for relaxing and taking in the beautiful crisp fall weather,” she says.

“Don’t be afraid to use things in different ways to create the space you need,” Laurie says. “I think using the textured wicker basket and flipping it upside down to use it as an end-table makes this space functional and unique.”

When creating your own fall front porch, Laurie suggests thinking in “activity zones” — sitting, eating, relaxing — and creating those spaces as you would inside of your home.

Photo by Leslie Davis

Inspiration Everywhere

“I was inspired by the existing landscaping around the porch,” says Leslie Davis of Paper Daisy Design. “When the maple tree just outside the front door changes colors, it becomes a vibrant crimson color. I wanted to highlight the purples and deep reds and work with the ivory tones of the brick, too.”

“I love a pulled together look that coordinates with your house and landscape,” Leslie says. “Consider what fall looks like in your region or yard, and mimic it for a more natural design. We have three mature magnolia trees in the front yard and the use of the magnolia leaves in the wreaths seems right at home.”

Photo by Taryn Whiteaker

Rustic Meets Metallic

“I have a very rustic-modern style, and that includes using a more neutral palette that incorporates a lot of texture,” says Taryn Whiteaker. “When it comes to decorating our porch for fall, I stick to white pumpkins and more natural textures like corn stalks and wood accents. I want it to feel natural yet elegant and also make a big impact. For this particular look, since the colors were very muted, I added a few pops of metallic to help keep the eye moving across the design.”

“I think the muted tones make this porch very unique. I see so many porches with bright orange and red and really traditional fall colors. Those are all beautiful, but this gives fall a completely different look,” Taryn says.

Photo by Elaine Hargrove

A Farmhouse Feel

“I love combining natural elements with vintage pieces,” says Elaine Hargrove of House of Hargrove. “The old door, barn-wood pumpkins and ladder, combined with live pumpkins and cornstalk, create the farmhouse blend I love.”

“Vintage pieces add character that makes any space unique. When you are looking to decorate your porch, look for things you love, and work those into your design,” Elaine says. “They don’t all have to be ‘fall items.’ Make a beautiful space you love, and then add fall touches!”

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