Fall Porch Decor That Will Up Your Curb Appeal

When you really think about it, a porch is to your house what the eyes are to your face. The entrance establishes the personality of the owners and provides an attractive preview of what’s inside. Looking to step up your porch game while remaining true to your personal style this fall? These porches may provide some much-needed inspiration.

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What’s Old is New

DIY dreamers can easily take one man’s trash and turn it into their treasure. Breathe new life into an old bike or a vintage find by repainting it and incorporating it into your decorating scheme. Pair it with an autumnal garland to take the look up a notch.


Happy Family

Family bonding is made a little easier with the help of autumn leaves, temperate weather, a nice porch and a rocking chair for everyone. Bonus points for chairs that are decked out in fall-inspired hues.


Flannel Season

Fun fact: Plaid is fall’s favorite pattern. Pair the print with a comfy, cozy pillow and you won’t ever want to leave your porch… except to snap a pic for Instagram or say hi to some impressed new neighbors.

Photo by Topaz Design Group LLC

Harvest Reaped

Not every plant dies in the fall. A green thumb is an enviable skill, so why not populate every planter with the season’s favorite bloom, mums? You’ll be reaping the harvest of your efforts and your abode will look all the better for it, too.

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Louis Baragona

“Less is more … except when it comes to faux-fur accents and/or guacamole.”

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