Clever Garage Storage Hacks

Upcycle old items into functional storage solutions for the garage.

Photo by Melissa George

DIY Cleaning Tools Holder

Save floor space by hanging large items like brooms and mops on the wall. Make this wall-mounted holder from scrap wood and pipe straps. Get the full instructions here>>

Photo by Melissa George

Hanging Car Wash Bucket

Flat-backed feed buckets aren’t just for feeding horses. They are perfect for storing car wash supplies right on the wall. Hang using a picture hanger, and easily transport from the garage to the driveway.

Photo by Melissa George

Spray Paint Can Holder

Spray paint cans fit perfectly inside plastic window planters. Mount the planters on the wall to save shelf space.
Photo by Melissa George

Coffee Bin Rope Dispenser

Create a rope dispenser using coffee bins. To make, remove the coffee can lid, and cut a slit in it with a utility knife. Put the rope inside the bin, and pull the rope end through the lid. Replace the lid, and dispense.
Photo by Melissa George

Chain Cord Hanger

Keep extension cords from getting tangled by hanging them on the wall from 1′ foot sections of chain and a coat hook. Make sure to mount the coat hook on a stud or use wall anchors.
Photo by Melissa George

Towel Bar Clamp Holder

A wall-mounted rack is a great solution to storing various clamps. Next time you replace a towel bar inside the house, install the old one in the garage for a convenient way to hang clamps.

Garden Gear Hanger

Use clothespins and scrap wood to create a spot on the wall for gardening gear. Get the full instructions from Sadie Seasongoods>>

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