Expand Storage With Multipurpose Furniture

Short on space? Furniture that looks good and provides storage may be just what you need to make your home attractive and keep clutter at bay.

Pet-Friendly Functionality

Learn how to construct a three-sided cube that can serve as an end table and a pet bed.

Add Style to the Mudroom

Gladiator’s Garage Works’ Storage Bench is built with a sturdy bamboo top and heavy-duty steel frame. It’s perfect for the garage, mudroom or laundry room.

Two-Room Kitty Box

Cats make great companions, but the odor and mess of their litter box isn’t always ideal. Turn a standard laminate cabinet into a kitty station complete with litter box containment, storage and an all-important nap spot.
Photo by Kira Shemano Photography

Ebook Reader

Designer Melody Rubin from House of Ruby Interior Design transformed an old chest into a comfortable seating area. The chest is covered with a cushion and pillows.

Look Under the Mattress

When closed, the drawers on this queen- and king-sized bed from Seahawk Designs Inc. are hidden. Open them to reveal extra storage space.

Dual-Purpose Room

The sofa bed from Rowe Furniture is not the only dual-functioning piece in this multipurpose guest room/office. The decorative wrought-iron gate, once used on a fire escape, can now hold belts and scarfs. The file drawers on this makeshift desk offer guests a place to store their clothing. The basket alongside the chair stores extra blankets and doubles as a side table.
By: Michele C Hollow,  DIY Network

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