Tiny Bathrooms That Pack a Punch

A small bathroom doesn’t have to be boring. Jazz it up with clever storage tips and eye-popping design ideas.

Photo by Brian Patrick Flynn

Color, Color, Color

This once-boring, en-suite bathroom was given a stylish makeover to make the most of the space. It may be small, but a fresh color palette and a few trendy accessories made all the difference.

Photo by Brian Patrick Flynn

Be Bold

Who said a small bathroom can’t be bold? In this 60-square-foot bathroom, bright colors and fun accents were carefully combined to create a small bath that’s big on style.
Photo by Laurey W Glenn

Basket Beauty

Baskets are a smart and stylish way to add both storage and touches of texture to any small bathroom. The rope-hung mirror is a fun, casual addition, while the small rug brings warmth and softness to the space.

Photo by Christina Tello

Statement Sink

Designer Christina Tello selected a built-in vanity with farmhouse sink and retro-style mirror, to bring a bit of character into this small bathroom.

Photo by Erika Bierman

A Signature Hue

Rich burnt orange wainscoting imbues this tiny bathroom with style and charm. An open vanity and white upper walls help the space feel larger.

Photo by Boise Home Photography

Pretty Paper

With wow-factor wallpaper topping beautiful wainscoting, this little bathroom is big on style, beautifully combining traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

Photo by Wynne H Earle Photograhy

With an Accent

An accent wall made up of blue mosaic tiles unifies this small space, while adding a soothing feel. The glass shower makes the room feel more spacious, while the wooden vanity adds a touch of warmth.

Photo by Pinnacle Estate Properties

Float On

The floating vanity in this small bathroom is a clever choice as it gives a more spacious feel, while also allowing the beautiful white floors to shine.

Photo by Carlos Domenech

Shelf It

To give an air of openness to this petite bathroom, the vanity is comprised of two open shelves instead of closed-off cabinets. On the marbled back wall, a tall mirror helps to visually add height.

Photo by Erin Williamson

A Glam Choice

In this small bathroom, a gleaming chandelier brings an unexpected air of glamour to the space, a nice compliment to the black and white tiled flooring.

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