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The area of Smith County where Lindale sits was inhabited long before the town was founded in 1871. In the early 19th century, the Caddo Indians were the area’s primary inhabitants; their artifacts can still be found along streams in the area. The area also was home to Cherokee Indians, who were forced out when the Republic of Texas was founded in 1836.

After the Civil WarRichard B. Hubbard, a former officer in the Confederate Armyand owner of a large plantation on what is today a gated community called Hideaway Lake, began searching for a more convenient way to ship the produce grown on his land. Hubbard convinced railroad officials to lay track between nearby Tyler andMineola. Hubbard’s brother-in-law, Elijah Lindsey, anticipating growth around the new railroad, opened the fledgling community’s first general store in 1871, and Lindale had its start; Lindsey was elected the town’s first mayor a year later.

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Whether you’re passing through or taking a well deserved vacation in Lindale we are sure to have the right accommodations to fit your needs.


Lindale is a small town with big options for shopping that include handmade items to designer goods. With this many shopping options in Lindale, retail therapy is never far from reach!


Country music star Miranda Lambert grew up in Lindale, where her journey to super stardom began.

Her lifestyle boutique “The Pink Pistol” is a local attraction and destination for fans of Miranda’s from near and far. Currently the downtown of Lindale is being re-developed into a “Live, play and work environment”,

that will feature four different size concert venues with state of the art sound and technology.

Lindale also has a world class equestrian park within five miles.


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