Bedroom and Vanity Storage Ideas That Will Make Your Mornings Easier

Make your morning routine go a little quicker by updating your bedroom’s “get-ready station”.

Photo by Sam Zachrich

Hidden Hampers

A corner of the master bedroom in this small condo was the perfect area to create a “get ready station”. To get the most function for morning activities, this area had to organize hair and makeup products, jewelry, and house a laundry sorting area.

We use a prefabricated kitchen cabinet originally designed for trash and recycling to serve as a laundry sorting area. The two interior plastic bins offer the perfect solution for separating dark and light clothing. Anchoring this cabinet in the corner of this space made an excellent base for a fixed countertop.

Photo by Sam Zachrich

Space-Saver Countertop

A vanity table was built next to the laundry sorting area using a piece of 1/2” plywood. Because space is a premium in the tiny bedroom, the table was mounted to the wall with a piano hinge so it can flip down and out of the way when not in use.
Photo by Sam Zachrich

Illuminate It Correctly

A table lamp was added to the fixed part of the vanity, above the hamper. Place lighting at the face height when planning out your makeup table.
Photo by Sam Zachrich

Hide Cosmetics Behind Artwork

A shallow wood cabinet was customized with a piece of framed artwork and hung over the vanity table to create a place to stash makeup and hair products. Geode-inspired contact paper was used to line the back of the cabinet.
Photo by Sam Zachrich

Hang the Earrings

Cup hooks were installed into the top-inside of the cabinet to hold jewelry and keep it from getting tangled.
Photo by Sam Zachrich

Wrist Rack

A slim dowel rod was inserted across two cup hooks to create a place to hold bangles and bracelets.

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