2019 Landscape & Garden Trends

A new year brings new ideas & trends in landscape design. We’re always on the lookout for emerging trends, as well as creating some ourselves! This week we wanted to share a few of our favorite outdoor trends that might inspire you into 2019 and beyond.

Small Space Gardening

Gardening & plant-keeping is seeing a resurgence – especially with the younger crowd. We are so elated that another generation is showing interest in plants. But, a major obstacle to new plant enthusiasts living out their gardening dreams is small-space urban living. Small space? We don’t think that’s a problem!

Small space gardening doesn’t mean boring or bare. By choosing the correct plants and design elements, we can create a perfect, cozy garden oasis even if you don’t have a ton of space. Narrow & dwarf varieties of trees & shrubs help maximize space, and we can even espalier your favorite fruit tree on that less-than-attractive brick wall. Read on for further small space ideas.



People love growing food – it is so rewarding & exciting! The good news is there are many types of annuals and perennials you can incorporate into your existing landscape that are edible. The obvious herbs come to mind: rosemary, lavender, mint and oregano. But you can grow beyond the basics in your foodscape by mixing peppers, berry plants, eggplant, and even dwarf tomatoes, beans, and squash into shrub beds. You can easily mix many edible plants in with flowers in your containers. Pretty never tasted so good!


Low (er) Maintenance

Our lives keep getting faster & harder to keep up with – so a maintenance heavy landscape can be intimidating. We all know there is no such thing as a no-maintenance landscape, but reducing your maintenance needs is definitely doable!

We suggest finding areas that you can simplify – without giving up  your lush plantings. Instead of mulching your garden – use gravel that doesn’t need to be refreshed as often (and gives a modern look that is better for drainage). Plant more perennials and reduce annual color beds to cut down on extra installations. And, we always suggest installing drip irrigation for your containers in order to reduce the amount of time spent lugging a hose around. Trade lawn areas for easier-to-maintain groundcovers.


Pollinator Gardens

It is so refreshing to see our clients continually asking about pollinator plants & wildlife friendly gardens. Our butterfly, hummingbird, and native bees need our help more than ever. Choosing the correct native plants that supply pollen is important, along with providing a water source for thirsty critters. Plants such as salvia, rosemary, basil, Texas sage, Mexican plum, and pentas – to name a few – will help keep pollinators energized.

If you plan to fully embrace this trend, you can even go so far as you become a certified Wildlife Habitat Garden through the National Wildlife Federation.

The Outdoor Oasis

We’ve talked about outdoor living before, but homeowners continue to upgrade their outdoor spaces to make them more livable. Many homeowners are moving more of their living outdoors. Pergolas wired for sound & TV are very popular as well as outdoor kitchens. Upgraded & truly comfortable patio furniture helps create outdoor rooms – especially if it surrounds a fire feature. We love creating outdoor living spaces & are happy to see this trend continuing.

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