The 80 Best Companies to Work For in Texas

This year’s best companies to work for in Texas represent a wide array of industries—from financial services to hospitality. Fortune research partner Great Place to Work has divided this year’s list into 50 large companies, such as Edward Jones and Hilton, and 30 small and medium-sized companies. Take a look at the full list below and take a look at the methodology here.

Top Large Companies

(Scroll down for the top small & medium companies.)

1. Edward Jones

Courtesy of Edward Jones

Industry: Financial Services & Insurance
Employees: 43,851
U.S. revenue: $7,135,000,000
Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri

Employees say: “Edward Jones empowers employees to do their best and do what needs to be done without micromanaging and over complicating things. We are able to take care of our clients who are part of the Edward Jones family and have personal connections with them.”

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2. Hilton

Courtesy of Hilton

Industry: Hospitality
Employees: 55,522
U.S. revenue: Confidential
Headquarters: McLean, Virginia

Employees say: “Hilton always appreciates my feedback and gives me opportunities to make changes and offer ideas to better procedures and implement new policies. We are also encouraged to THRIVE and take time off for personal life for the good of work-life balance.”

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3. Power Home Remodeling

Courtesy of Power Home Remodeling

Industry: Construction
Employees: 2,461
U.S. revenue: $52,000,000
Headquarters: Chester, Pennsylvania

Employees say: “Leadership truly cares about you as a person. They will check in if they feel you’re unhappy and try to fix whatever issues you may have with management or the company. They give you all the resources to be as successful at the job as you want to be.”

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4. Kimley-Horn

Courtesy of Kimley-Horn

Industry: Professional Services
Employees: 3,074
U.S. revenue: $809,211,161
Headquarters: Raleigh, North Carolina

Employees say: “People genuinely care about each other and the work environment is very collaborative. Superiors take time to invest in the development of their people, trust young staff with a lot of responsibility, and are always available to help along the way.”

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5. T-Mobile

Courtesy of T-Mobile

Industry: Telecommunications
Employees: 51,359
U.S. revenue: $37,490,000,000
Headquarters: Bellevue, Washington

Employees say: “They don’t just talk about how much they appreciate employees, you genuinely feel it with the energy from the top down to the front line and across all divisions of our organization. People genuinely enjoy what they do and are rewarded accordingly.”

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March 19, 2019

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