New tulip farm in Waxahachie and the beautiful purpose behind it

Most of the profits are given to support a community that helps people with disabilities.

A new North Texas tulip farm is growing a lot more than beautiful flowers.

More than one million tulips have bloomed at Poston Gardens, located just off I-35 in Waxahachie.

This eye-popping farm wasn’t created out of a love for flowers; rather, it was made out of necessity for an often overlooked community.

John Poston, owner of Poston Gardens, decided to grow and sell tulips to help support Daymark Living.

Daymark, a facility located next door to Poston Gardens, is a resort-style community that teaches people with intellectual and developmental delays to live more independently.

Poston’s 23-year-old son, Michael, was born with Down syndrome. Once he turned 18, there weren’t a lot of options for him to live a normal, independent life. Frustrated, Poston planned and built Daymark to help Michael and others like him gain valuable life skills.

A few months after completing the Daymark facility, Poston planted the first tulips for Poston Gardens. For every flower sold, a portion of the profits goes directly to Daymark and its mission. Some of the Daymark residents even work in the gardens.

Poston gardens will be open for a few more weeks or as long as the tulips remain.

For more information, visit the garden’s website.

Information provided by WFAA

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