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Mary Beth:         Hi, this is Mary Beth Harrison with Dallas Native Voice. And I’m sitting here with Jason Dickson with Integrity Mortgage, and I have got to go down on my hands and knees and thank you for what just transpired this last week. But just to catch our, our listeners up on this, uh, my client against everything I told them to do went to an internet lender. Um, we’re gonna call them not quick loan lender.

Jason:                   (laughs).

Mary Beth:         And (laughs), they dropped the ball so badly. Within, like, seven days before closing they decided that my client needed to bring another $80,000 to closing. That’s not a small amount of money.

Jason:                   And a short period of time.

Mary Beth:         Oh my goodness. Uh, my clients were horrified. Worse, they were relocating here from out of state.

Jason:                   State, mm-hmm (affirmative).

Mary Beth:         Their home is closing. They have got to be here to start their job. This was a mess. So, I got on the phone. I called you, and I said, “Jason, can you pull this out of your ass (laughs), to get this thing closed-

Jason:                   (laughs)

Mary Beth:         In less than ten days. What are the chances of you doing this?” Because it was a jumbo loan.

Jason:                   Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Mary Beth:         It was not easy. Um, thank you. And how in the world did you do that (laughs)?

Jason:                   So, well, so first of all I’ll turn it around, and say thank you for trusting to get it done for you. So, it, the stars aligned on this one.

Mary Beth:         Yeah.

Jason:                   It really … So, the, the, the most important to be able to help in this type of situation is that the clients were, they were great clients.

Mary Beth:         Yes.

Jason:                   Good employment, stable employment.

Mary Beth:         Right.

Jason:                   It happens, lenders will drop the ball. Uh, and so you … But you’ve got to-

Mary Beth:         Not to the point of $80,000.

Jason:                   No, I mean this-

Mary Beth:         (laughs)

Jason:                   Was a huge error. They should be able to fix it, right?

Mary Beth:         Sure.

Jason:                   Y-you own it, you make it right. Everyone makes mistakes, but you got to own it and make it right.

Mary Beth:         Exactly.

Jason:                   And you gotta put the client first, and you’ve gotta communicate. And the reason I was able to fortunately get this deal is they didn’t communicate, they didn’t come with a solution. They were putting the client off-

Mary Beth:         Right.

Jason:                   And it was jeopardizing the entire deal, and it’s not taking great care of people.

Mary Beth:         Right.

Jason:                   So, that’s how I got the deal. Really what happened is when you have a good borrower they’re motivated at this point.

Mary Beth:         Right.

Jason:                   And that’s, that’s the power of realtor referral, just go with Jason, forget it-

Mary Beth:         He’ll make it happen.

Jason:                   He’ll make it happen. So, they trusted you. Thank you for that. So, the key is having a team of operations that understands okay-

Mary Beth:         Right.

Jason:                   A, the client has to get me their documentation as fast as possible.

Mary Beth:         Which we were able to get from the other lender, and, and as a borrower you need to know that, is those are your papers. That’s your information, so all you have to do is a send a, uh, an email, or a letter to that lender, and say I want all of my papers released right now over to Integrity Mortgage. Right? And they have got to do that.

Jason:                   That’s right.

Mary Beth:         Again, it’s your information. They cannot horde that nor deny that, so that’s first.

Jason:                   That’s first.

Mary Beth:         Now the appraisal could not be moved because-

Jason:                   That’s right.

Mary Beth:         They don’t know if that appraiser was paid off or what, so that keeps the in-, the integrity, ha ha, of the transaction. So, they had to have a new appraiser.

Jason:                   Yeah, so in the, in the, well a new appraisal because as we found out coincidentally it was the same appraiser. I don’t know what the chances of that.

Mary Beth:         That’s so weird. That, that’s not gonna happen again.

Jason:                   It’s a huge city, and yeah [crosstalk 00:03:12].

Mary Beth:         Right.

Jason:                   But we did a rush, so the first thing we do is order that appraisal on a rush.

Mary Beth:         Right.

Jason:                   And so we have the ability through our panel, uh, to say we need this in three days, who can take it?

Mary Beth:         Right.

Jason:                   And this guy took it, and coincidentally it’s the same appraiser that had done the previous appraisal. That’s a miracle, but that made it-

Mary Beth:         Right.

Jason:                   Great.

Mary Beth:         Right.

Jason:                   Um, made it very easy. And, so the key is at that point having an operations team and communication to streamline to say, “Look, we have hundreds of files in process currently, this ones gotta go in front.” How do we … Let’s do it.

Mary Beth:         One other thing that I, you bring to the table that I know is that all of your operations are within a touch of you.

Jason:                   Correct.

Mary Beth:         You, they’re all outside a door of you where so many lenders have to send their papers off, off site to a, sometimes to another state to get that underwriting, and to get that processing done.

Jason:                   That’s correct.

Mary Beth:         So, it’s really important questions that I think borrowers ask is, you know, what’s the interest rate. That is irrelevant. I mean all lenders go to the same well for their water. Interest rates are interest rates period that, they’re the same for everybody. No one’s gonna give you a deal. They all go to the same place for their money. So, interest rates are not so much. The issue is where are my papers going? Who is the bottom line of who gets to decide on this loan?

Jason:                   Right.

Mary Beth:         Because it’s not you guys, it’s someone down the road. So, those are important questions to be asking, and the fact that you pulled this off in less than 10 days and we’re closing next Thursday-

Jason:                   Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Mary Beth:         Is, when I say miraculous, I-I can’t even begin to explain that. So, thank you again for that.

Jason:                   Yes.

Mary Beth:         And hopefully that helps someone out there who’s … Don’t be afraid to move lenders. If your lenders not communicating, and they’re not doing what they say they’re gonna do don’t be afraid to pull that loan. But when you do ask your realtor who should I go to because they have a relationship, they know how this works, and they’ll get the deal done. So, thanks so much for listening. If you need anymore information you can find us at DallasNative.com, or on any social media.


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