5 Ways to Avoid Botching Your Backyard Barbecue

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A backyard barbecue skips the formalities and fills a patio with friends who answer the call of “come and get it” when steaks and corn on the cob are hot off the grill. But even with the relaxed mood of an outdoor barbecue, problems can flare up.

Here are five gas grill goofs from Consumer Reports that guarantee your cookout will be unforgettable, although not in the way you intended!

If your gas barbecues gas tank hose is too close to the firebox or the grease pan is a bit off, fire risk increases. Carefully read the manual before assembling your outdoor grill, or ask if the retailer will assemble the grill for free or a fee. Also be sure the assembled grill can fit in your vehicle, or check the cost of delivery.

Ignoring Recalls

Cooking with a defective grill—a leaking regulator, a cracked hose—increases your chance of something going wrong. More than one million grills have been recalled over the past five years. Before firing up for the season, find out if your barbecue grill has been recalled by searching the database at SaferProducts.gov. You can also file a report if your grill is faulty.

Overcrowding the Cooking Area

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