Summer Safety for Kids Home on Vacation

Now that the kids are home for summer, keep vacation fun and safe by taking precautions indoors and out. This season is especially active and challenging, so make sure everyone understands the importance of safety, and do all you can to protect kids from summer dangers in the following zones.


Around the pool:  While it may not be a surprise that drowning deaths increase during the summer, parents are often surprised by the ability of their children to bypass safety measures. To protect your kids and prevent tragedy, install multiple layers of protection around your pool. Use a combination of fencing, door alarms, pool alarms and pool covers for maximum safety.

On bikes and scooters:  Bicycle and scooter accidents also increase during the summer months, and the head injuries that often result are the most common cause of death and the leading cause of disability. Ensure that every cyclist and scooter enthusiast wears a helmet meeting the safety standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or the Snell Memorial Foundation. Kids on scooters should also wear protective knee, elbow and wrist pads.

On the road:  Whether traveling on foot or by car, dangers on the road increase this season. Supervision of young pedestrians is key to their survival, especially with latchkey kids who aren’t in school during summer months, so set boundaries as well as designated check-in times. In the car, make sure that all kids age 12 and under ride in the back seat, and that proper child restraints are used.

At home:  Also take precautions against fatal falls around the house, especially if you live in a multi-story home. Install window guards on second-story and higher windows, and prevent stairway falls with childproof gates. Some gates are affixed temporarily, using a tension principal, while others require permanent installation; either way, remember that no gate replaces parental supervision.

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