Top 25 Cities Where Home Values Are Soaring

While across the U.S. many housing markets have been undermined by a recent slowdown, in many other markets times have been good. Looking at the year-over-year change in median home values for the 300 largest cities, sourced from Zillow, reveals an impressive number of cities that have seen home values appreciate by more than 10% in just one year: 25 cities in total.

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Find out which cities have seen home values soar in the last year, and what these markets have in common.

Top Housing Markets and Key Takeaways

Texas: Five out of the top 25 cities are in Texas: Midland, Beaumont, Odessa, Irving and Dallas. All these cities have seen home values rise by over 11% year-over-year. Midland saw the biggest increase, 17.2%, from a median home value of $222,6000 in May 2018 to $260,900 in May 2019.

Texas property taxes might be on the higher-side, but with tons of cities to choose from and plentiful supply without oversaturation makes homes in Texas both affordable and a good investment.

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