Older workers could help fix the D-FW job shortage — if only they’d land an interview

Many older Americans who are retired or nearing retirement age have an answer for the labor shortage: Hire me.


With 10,000 baby boomers hitting age 65 every day, older workers are the fastest-growing part of the labor force. As unemployment remains low and companies clamor for qualified candidates, why not tap more of these experienced, skilled workers?

“I have degrees, multiple designations and yet, at age 70, [I am] not employed because every time the employer does a background search, my age is disclosed,” a reader wrote after my column on the labor shortage in Texas.

“I know at least two other people who are in the same boat — eligible by experience and education but not age.”

This is a common refrain voiced in many surveys, and not only by older workers. But the problem appears to be much greater among those who are 45, 50 and beyond.

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