7 Tips for Healthy Lawns in Hot Summers


Summer heat is here, and that might mean less water in your area. Does that mean you need to let your living landscapes suffer? Is watering your yard or lawn frowned upon by neighbors?

Having a healthy yard and respecting Mother Nature is still possible, even in drought or high heat conditions! Keep your lawn looking good in the summer with these helpful tips from the experts at the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute:

Brown Lawns Go Green Again

It’s okay to let your grass go brown. Grass will grow in cycles, “turning on and off,” based on the resources it gets. As water becomes less available in an area, grass will slow down, go dormant and turn brown. Turfgrass is resilient. It will green up again when the rains return—and they always do.

Use Water for Flowers


Flowering plants may require a little more water during drier conditions. That’s okay since these plants are vital to our birds, bees, hummingbirds and other pollinators.

Avoid Over-Watering

Too much water is actually bad for grass, in particular. Overwatering causes the grass roots to grow horizontally, rather than vertically. With less water, the grass has to work harder and will grow its roots deeper into the soil in search of moisture. This helps it do a better job of trapping carbon and releasing oxygen.

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