5 Tips for Easy Laundry Room Organization

Do you hate doing laundry? If so, you aren’t alone. Because laundry is boring and never completely done, it’s one of the most loathed household chores. Having a well-organized laundry room that lets you work efficiently will help you get through that dreaded laundry more quickly and easily. Decorating your laundry room so it brings a smile to your face doesn’t hurt, either!

The Unclutterer blog has some fascinating laundry statistics and a suggested schedule for dealing with those weekly laundry chores.


Cut down on your laundry

Sounds almost ridiculous, doesn’t it? Well, there are ways to cut back on the number of weekly loads you’re doing.

  • Wear clothes more than once. No, we don’t mean underwear, socks, or even shirts. You should wash those items after each wearing. We’re talking about pants (especially jeans), sweaters, and jackets. Hang them to air out between wearings and you can wear them several times before they need to hit the washer.
  • According to the Unclutterer blog, a family of four uses eight towels each week. By using your bath towels for a week before washing them, you’ve just cut that portion of your laundry in half!


Make sorting easier

Kimberly at Stuffed Suitcase suggests hanging a mesh laundry bag in each person’s room. Everyone is responsible for putting their dirty socks and underwear in the bag as soon as they take them off. On wash day, just throw the bags into the washer. Once they’re dried, each person collects their bag & puts away the clothes inside. No more missing socks or wondering which is who’s. Having a different colored bag for each person makes it even easier!

Take this idea a step further and provide each person with two mesh bags: the colorful bag and another one in white. Add a coordinating felt tag to the white bag so everyone gets their own back. Now everybody can help with the laundry sorting by putting their dirty clothes in the appropriately colored bag!

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