Best Garage Floor Options: Paint, Tiles or Mat?

Garages are often thought of as dark, dingy places that collect dirt from your car and are difficult to keep clean. However, with a little bit of work, and the best garage floor, you could create your own innovative garage that you will actually want to spend time in.


One of the most important parts of transforming your garage is flooring. Most garages have floors made of concrete that are traps for dirt. As your car comes in from outside, grime, mud, and salt that was on your tires get tracked onto your garage floors. And don’t forget about oil drips, chemicals, and moisture. And the worst part is, there’s no easy way to clean it and prevent stains and deterioration. However, there are a lot of garage floor options that can make a huge difference. In general, there are two types of flooring options, coatings, and coverings.

Garage Floor Coatings

Coatings include a variety of garage floor options like stains, floor paint, epoxy paint, and sealants. These tend to be an inexpensive solution, especially if you decide to do the project yourself. Coatings can protect against corrosive elements like road salt, stains from oil, and moisture damage, but if you have moisture beneath the concrete, a coating may not stick to the floor. Adding a protective coating is needed when desiging your innovative garage.

To apply a coating, first follow the coating manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the old floor, and take the time now to repair any cracks or other damage.

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