More than a quarter of Dallas-area homebuyers pay more than asking price

Almost 40% of U.S. homebuyers pay more than list price, according to CoreLogic.

Competition for homes is forcing some buyers to pay more than asking price.(Michael Hamtil / Staff photographer)

Homebuyers looking for that perfect property may have to dig a little deeper to close a deal.

Almost 40% of the houses sold in the U.S. in June went for more than the list price, according to a study by CoreLogic.

The number of homes sold for more than asking price is down a bit from 2018 but remains 10% above long-term averages.

“The share of homes selling at or above list price has returned to early 2000 levels,” CoreLogic economist Shu Chen says in a new report.

In the Dallas area, fewer houses sell above list price – 26% of Dallas properties in June, CoreLogic said.

North Texas home prices are at an all-time high.

But the rate of home appreciation has slowed in the last year.

After a long run of double-digit percentage home price increases, median home sales prices in North Texas are up just 2% so far in 2019, according to data from local real estate agents.

Most of the higher than list sales prices happen for affordable and low cost properties where there is much more demand than supply.

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6:15 AM on Sep 12, 2019

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