North Texan Buying First Home Scammed Out Of $45K After Bogus Email She Thought Was From Title Company

For many, nothing is as exciting or nerve-wracking as closing on a first house.

But The Ones For Justice found emails that looks legitimate could cost homebuyers everything, including their their new home.

Crooks are swooping in to steal homebuyers’ closing costs and down payments.

Gracie Veronica was set to close on a home in Forest Hill in August. But for now, the brand new house sits empty.

“I probably won’t be able to keep this house,” Veronica said.

Veronica has spent her life chasing the American Dream. After becoming a U.S. citizen, her next step was buying a home.

For ten years she worked two jobs, even opting to live with a roommate.

When Veronica finally saved enough for a down payment, she chose to buy a brand new home in Forest Hill. She loved choosing the finishes and color scheme.

“That was the biggest thing for me is the kitchen. I know it’s a little thing, but it’s a big thing for me,” Veronica said.

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By Alanna Autler

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