North Texas is home to some of state’s top lake real estate markets

Several DFW-area lakes dominate the Lake Real Estate Market Report for the summer of 2019.

The property at 3724 Lakeridge in Grapevine. (Shoot2Sell / Beth Speiser)

Lakeside living doesn’t have to be costly, but it sure can be.

That’s a takeaway’s 2019 market report on lakefront real estate. Across North Texas, 13 lakes ranked among metrics that ranged from biggest overall market to most affordable homes to most available land.

To live near a lake in Dallas-Fort Worth, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $231,744 to $1,286,476 on average, the report said.

The state’s lakeside real estate market tops $4 billion in value, according to the report. Four North Texas lakes ranked among the 10 biggest markets. In order, they are: Lake Ray Hubbard, $166.3 million; Possum Kingdom Lake, $128.9 million; Lake Texoma, $106.6 million; and Lewisville Lake, $104.7 million. Texas’ largest market is Lake Travis in Austin at an expansive $623.5 million.

Here’s where North Texas lakes ranked in other notable categories:

Biggest Home Market

  1. Lake Ray Hubbard, $132.4 million
  2. Possum Kingdom Lake, $91.1 million
  3. Lewisville Lake, $73.8 million

Biggest Land Market

This metric examines available, undeveloped land in lake neighborhoods.

  • Lake Texoma, $53 million
  • Possum Kingdom Lake, $37 million
  • Lewisville Lake, $30.9 million

Most expensive lakes

Three North Texas lakes rank among the state’s 10 most expensive.

  • Grapevine Lake, $1,286,476
  • Lake Ray Roberts, $1,273,436
  • White Rock Lake, $1,237,647

Most expensive land per acre (less than 10 acres)

  • Lake Ray Hubbard, $279,581
  • Lewisville Lake, $249,422
  • Lake Kiowa, $231,946

Most expensive land per acre (10 acres or more)

  • Lake Texoma, $19,441
  • Lake Tawakoni $18,927

To find more affordable lakeside communities, buyers will have to look a little farther outside of North Texas’ urban areas. North Texas’ most affordable lake communities are near the Oklahoma border in Bowie, Quinlan and Bonham.

Regional lakes among state’s most affordable

  • Lake Nocona, $231,744
  • Lake Amon G. Carter, $237,025
  • Lake Tawakoni, $268,660
  • Lake Bonham, $274,161

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By Payton Potter|Special Contributor

10:55 AM on Sep 20, 2019

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