Staging the Kitchen

I get asked all the time, “What do I need to do to get my house ready to sell?” Well, let’s just start with this kitchen right here, and let’s figure out what do we need to do to get this house sold.

First of all, the way we live in a house and the way we look at a house as a buyer are two different things. It makes total sense that you might keep all your cooking things over there, but really, does a buyer want to walk in and see your olive oil, and your coffee pot, and you’re playing Kleenex box, and all those things that we all keep around all the time? Now, can you live like a complete monk somewhere while your house is on the market? No. But when you’re staging it for photos, and something to try and achieve every day while you’re getting it on the market, that’s what becomes important.

Buyers want to see themselves in this space. They want to put their things in the space, and when you see things out like bread, and your cereal boxes, and you’re playing Kleenex, and you’re cooking things over there, it makes it look like you didn’t have enough room for it in the first place, when in fact you had plenty of room to put the stuff away. So, here’s what we’re going to do today. We’re going to put it away.

So, we’re going to take all of the things that you use for cooking, and we’re just going to put then right above where do you cook, so you don’t have to go very far to find it. It’s just right here. So, that’s one good idea. Just put it there, or put it right to the side. And things like you use every day, let’s go put those in the pantry. Let’s just put those up. If you don’t have a pantry, let’s make a space for a pantry, because people want to think if they have room in this new house for everything that they didn’t have room for in their other house.

Things like a toaster. Really, do you use the toaster every day? Because if you don’t, let’s put it away. And flour and sugar. Really, do we need flour and sugar out every day? Let’s put that in the pantry too. Let’s just get it put up. So, we’re going to put that away, as well.

And I know some of you all are going to be a little bit hysterical about this next thing, but do you really have to have a coffee pot out? Okay, I understand if you do, and that’s okay. Let’s just make it look cute. Let’s put your cream and sugar and everything else, and let’s put some of this away. Surely you can walk a few inches and get it somewhere else out of the cabinet or out of the pantry. Surely you can.

So, now we’ve just cleaned it up, so this space is now open. You’ve got your little coffee center here, which now makes total sense. Got to get rid of the Kleenex box. We all need a place to put our keys every day, so let’s just put it someplace nice. And we all have stuff. All of this stuff. Papers, things, grocery lists, all of that. I get it, but for showing your home and making it look its best, let’s find a way to put those things away.

Finish your water bottle, or put it in the refrigerator for later, but don’t leave it out on the counter. Not necessary. And all those wonderful things you have all over your refrigerator, thankfully all refrigerators are stainless now and they won’t hold the magnets, which is a really good thing, but I noticed they still hold them on the sides, so get rid of all of that. Just take away all the invitations and everything else, and just clean your space.

So now, what do we have to look at here? This adds a little bit of color and that’s great, or maybe we just take the fruit and vegetables and we put them in the refrigerator. That would be a good place for them too, wouldn’t it? And lastly, yes we all need to use soap, and sponges, and things like that, but maybe we put it on something cute. Maybe we find something, a plate, or something, that we can keep our sponge on, and instead of having a bottle of soap, maybe go find a cute soap dispenser. They’re cheap, you can buy them anywhere, at the dollar store, and let’s put it there.

So, now, what do you think we have here? We have a clean kitchen that’s open and bright, and ready for your buyer to come imagine how they’re going to use your kitchen.


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