Fort Worth Cocktail Week



Fort Worth, TX ––  Now in its fourth year, Fort Worth Cocktail Week has introduced hundreds of locals to Fort Worth’s ever-growing local craft cocktail scene through our five signature events. We’ve cast a spotlight on some of our city’s best mixologists, cutting-edge trends, and exciting liquor brands –– and pairing these delicious discoveries with complementary food menus designed by chefs. This year, we’ll be adding educational components for industry veterans and home cocktail enthusiasts alike. As always, we’ll be using this platform to raise money for a worthy local charity.

At its core, Fort Worth Cocktail Week (#FWCW19) is a celebration of our city’s booming craft cocktail scene. Many area mixologists have the same amount of training, passion, and creativity as local chefs, and take the same amount of care in creating their menus. For one week, we will highlight some of Fort Worth’s greatest cocktail pioneers. The week will also give locals a chance to see some industry trends from other more established cocktail cultures.

Participating venues will create their own craft cocktail menus, emphasizing fresh ingredients, new techniques, and creative flavor combinations. To help bolster the bourgeoning cocktail trend in Fort Worth, these amazing drinks will be sold at a discount, and a portion of the proceeds will go to a local charity.
Aside from just having a fun weeklong exploration of a new trend, there will also be educational opportunities, ticketed special events at area bars, live music, food, and so much more. We’ll be reprising last year’s five signature ticketed events: Texas Spirits Tasting Party, Tequila/Mescal Margarita Party, Tiki Party, Bourbon Bash, and Gin Vs. Vodka: The Clear Battle.

Fort Worth Cocktail Week will continue to spark the same interest in our local drink culture that craft beer, fine wine, and the culinary arts have enjoyed. It’s time for Fort Worth to step out and take notice of the amazing drinks and serious bartenders and bars in our great city.

For updates on all the events and participating venues, be sure to check out We’ll be making big announcements every week!
  • Texas Spirits tasting will feature some of the Lonestar State’s best booze. Made by Texans for Texans. This themed party will also capture our culture with Music and select food options.
  • Bourbon Bash is a very special event for casual drinkers and bourbon connoisseurs, with a theme of old world charm for sampling fine whiskey.
  • Tiki Party’s focus is the tastes and history of trendy tropical cocktails.
  • The Margarita Party – Tequila & Mezcal  forum highlights a few of the excellent, rare agaves and tequilas from south of the border. Participants are able to taste exotic margaritas and other cocktails made with small batch Mexican/Latin American liquors.
  •  Gin vs. Vodka party is a bare-knuckle brawl for the soul of the martini –– and an opportunity to showcase some of the world’s best clear liquors. These versatile, complex, and delicious liquors have a unique history, wide variety of flavor profiles, and some of the most loyal fans in the world.




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