10 Most Haunted Places in DFW

Anyone visiting or living in Dallas are aware, of the countless forms of entertainment available for people of all ages. Dallas is known for their Cowboys football team and their cheerleaders. As well as know their countless ghost stories, haunted places and real haunted houses around the city.

So, let’s take a look at 10 haunted places in Dallas that ghost hunters enjoy visiting:


Sons of Hermann Hall

Sons of Hermann Hall came about in 1910. When four independent  lodges joined together to form one large, united, lodge. The grand opening for Sons of Hermann Hall took place in 1911.

In its more than 100 year history, the Hall has served as a gathering place for an assortment of activities. Most notably music and swing dancing lessons.

The Hall remains open to the public. It is important to note, that anyone visiting the Hall for drinks, live music, swing dancing, or other entertainment should be prepared for a potential encounter with spirits of the past.

People have heard children laughing when none are present. Some have seen the former caretaker, a loving couple, and even patrons dressed in their finest, ready to attend concerts of the past.

People have seen and heard doors slam and paintings randomly fall off the walls.


Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Over Texas was the brainchild of Texas oilman, Angus G. Wynne, Jr. He wanted to create a theme park that would surpass Disneyland in size and would be accessible to more people. With that in mind, he opened Six Flags Over Texas in 1961.

The theme park offers a number of rides and activities to do for all who attend. Though park goers, will have a wide variety of experiences, the ones of the supernatural nature, are most likely the least expected.

Many avid ghost hunters consider this location to be one of the most haunted places in Dallas-Fort Worth area. Ghosts have been spotted in multiple areas around the park. Including the Candy Store, the Music Mill, the Palace, as well as places like the Log Ride that are open areas.

One of the most famous ghosts in the park is a little girl named Annie, who spends her time at the Candy Store. According to stories, another girl died at the age of 8 when she drowned in Johnson’s Creek. Her ghost visits an old farmhouse that now resides in the park, she is known to walk along local railroad tracks.

Other activities include lights turning on and off, curtains opening, doors slamming shut, and doors not remaining locked.  Employees of the theme park have experienced the sensation of being  touched and cold spots.


The Lake Highlands High, is like any other school. Attending students learn and enjoy social interaction with their peers. What most of the students did not anticipate, is the potential to encounter the spirit of a former student.

As the story goes, back in the 1970s a student named Elizabeth was in the auditorium. While over the stage in the grind she fell to her death. Students and teachers have heard and seen objects move and have heard doors slamming, when in the auditorium late at night.


Dallas Heritage Village

Avid paranormal hunters claim the Dallas Heritage Village is among the haunted places in Dallas. Dallas Heritage Village is the location of a collection of Victorian and 19th-century pioneer homes.  Some of the buildings in the village date back to the 1800s.

The Millermore Mansion isown impressive sight. Not only for its size and design, but also for the presence of paranormal activity.

People have reported seeing a female ghost near the sickroom and nursery on the second floor of the Millermore.

Unusual and sudden drops in temperatures in the nursery, have been reported by guests and employees.

With so many people dying from infectious diseases, such as smallpox, diphtheria, and pneumonia prior to vaccinations. It is understandable that their spirits could remain in the Millermore.

It has also been noted that spirits related to a gang murder, in the 1920s are found in the Law Office Building.


Goatman's Bridge

Goatman’s Bridge, or the Old Alton Bridge as some call it, has a long history of creepy and mysterious happenings, dating back to the 1930s.

There is a long-held belief that a half goat, half man lives ear the bridge and terrorizes people near it. It is believed to be the ghost of a local goat farmer, who was lynched on the bridge by the KKK.

Following the lynching, people over the years claimed that there have been mysterious disappearances, when people visit the bridge at night.

Many attribute the disappearances and the overwhelmingly uncomfortable and scary feeling to the spirit of the Goatman. There are people that believe a young woman haunts the bridge, as she is searching for her missing child.


La Quinta Inn & Suites

When the La Quinta Inn & Suites first opened in 1925, it was the Scott Hotel. Initially, the hotel was for people traveling into the city through Union Station. Eventually, the hotel underwent many changes and became a popular destination.

Throughout its history, La Quinta Inn & Suites has been the site of some horrible violence.

There have been a few murders and deaths in the hotel. One of the ghosts that haunt the hotel is a murder victim, by the name of Jack “Smiley” Jackson.

The claim is that unless you politely ask him to move, he will hold the door to room 1009 shut. Another man had his throat cut, in the same room.

Additional deaths include a congressman who committed suicide and a woman who either fell or was pushed from the tenth floor. With so many deaths at the hotel, it is not unusual for people to see ghosts, hear footsteps, and see things move on their own.


Majestic Theater

The Majestic Theater opened its doors on April 11, 1921. It was home to vaudeville performers and other people including, Bob Hope, Harry Houdini, Mae West, and Jack Benny.

The Majestic was closed for a time, for renovations then reopened to play host to everything from plays, to concerts, and comedy acts to name a few.

The Majestic is also home to a number of spooky happenings. Like other haunted places in Dallas, people have heard doors opening and closing, footsteps when no one is around, lights illuminating, with no explanation.

Others have reported seeing shadows and the smell of odd fragrances.


Flag Pole Hill

Anyone who has been to Dallas or who lives in Dallas, knows of one area that needs to be avoided at night if at all possible. Flag Pole Hill is adjacent to a road, that many people consider the site of regular paranormal activity.

There have been countless people who have heard or been witness to, rocks being thrown at cars on the road. If that is not strange enough, people have also stated, that ghosts have hit cars while on the road.

There is a home near Flag Pole Hill, that is said to be haunted by someone who committed suicide at the location.


Baker Hotel

The Baker Hotel with more than 400 rooms on 14 floors, opened its doors to the public in 1929.

It offered relaxation, visitors enjoyed spa-like treatments, massages, incredible food and beverages.

Many famous entertainers and figures of the 30s, 40s, and 50s visited the Baker, including Helen Keller, Judy Garland, Will Rogers, Sammy Kaye, and even Bonnie and Clyde.

The Baker witnessed many deaths during its time. As a result people have witnessed paranormal activity at the hotel.

One common occurrence is the appearance of orbs in photographs of the Baker. Housekeepers have found glasses, with red lipstick stains in unoccupied rooms.

People have claimed to see the ghost of a little boy in a wheelchair and the ghost of a woman known as the lady in white.


The Adolphus Hotel

When things were booming in Dallas, there was a need for a grand hotel and Adolphus Busch came through for the city. By 1912, the Adolphus Hotel opened its doors to the public.

The hotel has played host to everyone from royalty, to presidents, to business moguls, and other famous individuals.

Along with all of the opulence the hotel provided, it has also offered something else, as it is now one of the most famous haunted places in Dallas.

Guests and employees of the Adolphus Hotel have experienced a range of hauntings.

There are people who feel like they are being followed or watched when no one is there.

People have felt someone tapping on their shoulders, when no one was near them.

There are individuals who have seen windows fly open, heard the slamming of doors, as well as heard footsteps outside rooms when no one is in the hallway.

On the 19th floor, people have reported seeing the spirit of a woman, who reportedly hung herself, after her fiancé did not show up for the ceremony.

People have also heard the sound of the same woman crying.

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