LA buyers top the list of out-of-towners shopping for Dallas-area homes

Online home shoppers from Houston, New York and Chicago are also looking at Big D digs.

Most out-of-town Dallas-area home shoppers on Zillow’s website hail from Los Angeles, the home marketing firm found.(Tom Fox / Staff Photographer)

If you’re trying to sell a house in Dallas, chances are someone in Los Angeles is looking at it.

The largest number of out-of-town internet page views of Dallas-area homes are coming from Los Angeles property shoppers, according to a new study by Zillow.

While more than 71% of the eyes on Dallas home listings are by local folks, LA residents are most often web surfing for homes here compared with other out-of-towners, Zillow found in a look at its web traffic.

The online home marketing firm also found that buyers from Houston, New York, Chicago and Austin frequently look at Dallas-area houses on their website.

“Our page view data highlight Dallas’s strong magnetism as a destination for house hunters leaving cities that are more expensive (like LA), colder (like Chicago) or both (like New York),” Zillow economist Jeff Tucker said. “Once people are settled in Texas, they like to stay put, as we can see in the strong preference for locals to continue searching for their next homes in Dallas and other Texas cities.

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11:51 AM on Nov 4, 2019

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