Alaskans are headed to Texas in latest look at moves

Florida and Texas are the top two destinations for relocations.

Most Alaskans leaving the state are headed to Texas.(G.J. McCarthy / Staff Photographer)

All those moving trucks headed to Texas show no sign of a slowdown.

And don’t be surprised to see some Alaska license plates on the road.

Texas was second most favorable destination for out-of-state moves in a new survey by LendingTree. The mortgage firm looked at where its customers were moving from and moving to.

Florida and Texas topped the list of destinations for people relocating from out of state.

Almost 90% of LendingTree’s nationwide business is from people moving within the same state. And Texas was the leading location for in-state moves — along with Michigan and Florida.

“Texas residents love the Lone Star State,” LendingTree researchers said in the new report. “Texas had the highest percentage of residents — 93.9% — looking to move within state lines.

“A solid local economy and job market or desirable quality of life are just a few drivers that might keep people in place.”

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11:58 AM on Nov 19, 2019


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