4 Tips to Keep Dogs Safe & Cozy in Winter

Every new year ushers in some of the harshest weather, and it’s easy to get caught up in your family’s winter safety concerns. But don’t forget that your pets are members of the family, too, and even the most outdoor-loving dog can suffer the ill effects of winter weather as easily as humans.


Depending on your type of dog and your budget, there are dozens of ways to ensure your best friend stays happy and healthy. This winter, give a thought to your dog’s safety and comfort with these cutting-edge pet gadgets.

Custom Dog Coat

You shop for the best performing winter gear for yourself — so why not for your dog? You might think a dog’s natural coat helps protect him from the cold, but if your pet spends most time indoors, he may not have had the opportunity to gradually develop a thicker coat that will keep him sufficiently warm. Short-haired dogs may not develop a thicker coat at all and require some man-made help.

You don’t have to worry about fit when you order a custom-made dog coat like those from Alphenhitze. Custom dog coats are made to your pet’s measurements using high-performance cold weather fabric that’s lightweight, weather-tough and toasty warm. Thoughtful details provide top-notch winter protection, like a removable collar that’s engineered not to flap in the wind and specially designed hind-quarters that completely cover the dog’s hips. Alphenhitze custom dog coats even include reflective trim for nighttime visibility. Cost can range from around $80 to around $230, largely dependent on the size of your dog.

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