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It started with a Sweet Tooth Hotel and led to a Psychedelic Robot. Last fall, pop-up art shows took Dallas — and Instagram — by storm. Unlike a museum or gallery, pop-ups place you in the action.

You won’t have to worry about a gallery guard yelling “No touching!”, Arrested Development-style, because you’re part of the show. You can touch, take photos, and interact with these pretty pop-ups to your heart’s content, and luckily, Dallas’ art scene offers plenty of immersive options.
Girl sipping champagne at pop-up immersive art experience, where it looks like she's sitting upside down on the ceiling over a living room area
Courtesy: @l4nette


April 25 – August 11 | Speaking of photo finishes, a brand new, limited run photo event has fans flocking to Arlington for the perfect trippy shot. TFTI is a photo experience company whose pop-up experiences put you in rooms where you’re floating among clouds, standing upside down, or posing with a loved one among dozens of floating roses. Learn more about this interactive show, and check it out for yourself while you still can.


People jumping into a marshmallow pit at Candytopia in Dallas, Texas
Courtesy: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Candytopia


April 5 – September 2 | 50% art exhibit, 50% candy store, and 100% irresistible. Candytopia captivated communities in California, Georgia and Minnesota, and its headed to Dallas for a sweet summertime show. The candy museum is an edible exhibit complete with candy-inspired artwork and a bounty of free samples. Here, you’ll find a room filled with confetti, a marshmallow pit and of course, candy — but steer clear of the Milk Duds. I call dibs.


Girl standing in front of projected art at Sweet Tooth Hotel in Dallas, Texas
Courtesy: Sweet Tooth Hotel


May 25 – August 31 | Dallas’ OG art pop-up is still alive and thriving, and shows no signs of slowing down. Designed and built like a real-life hotel, this interactive exhibit features floors and floors of original creative work curated by and from local artists. Chapter One was candy-themed, with a seemingly endless amount of artwork inspired by the artist’s favorite sweet treats. Chapter Two was “1955,” an ode to the space age that was out of this world. And the forthcoming Chapter Three is all about Discotech, combining music and media for an audio-visual experience. Find more details here.


Girl sitting at the Museum of Memories in Dallas, Texas
Courtesy: @jacqthedork


June 21 – August 31 | This new pop-up is filled with nostaligic photo-ops created by local Texas artist, Steffi Lynn. Walking through the Museum of Memories is a trip down memory lane, featuring adorable mural walls and interactive artwork. The pop-up was inspired by childhood memories and imagination, so leave ‘adulting’ behind and step back into a simpler time (that also has some really cute photo-ops).


Girl sitting underneath giant paper mache flowers at Snap151 in Fort Worth, Texas
Courtesy: @sierrahenry4


April 5 – May 19 | As anyone gifted with the privilege of eyesight knows, my Instagram profile could use some serious help. Luckily, Snap151 is on its way to Dallas to provide us all with quality content to snap and share. This show gets down to business by offering an interactive photo studio for guests to capture easily Instagrammable pics of themselves and their friends enjoying lush and colorful locales. The show will be in Dallas for just six short weeks, but that’s enough to improve my Instagram game…right?


Interior of Bivins Gallery during 1969 exhibit in Dallas, Texas
Courtesy: Bivins Gallery



March 14 – April 5 | Inspired by the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, the art gallery behind Psychedelic Robot has returned with a deep dive into all things ‘69. The Beatles, The Graduate, Jimi Hendrix, the moon walk and much more will be celebrated in a show that is one-half immersive, one-half traditional art exhibit. As a history fanatic, I’m particularly excited to see this iconic year come to life, even if it was the final year for my beloved Beatles. Don’t worry — I’m not still upset at Yoko. (Just kidding: I definitely am).


Girl looking up at bananas in a striped room at Rainbow Vomit in Dallas, Texas
Courtesy: @lexijellison


March 8 – May 6 | One can be forgiven for mistaking Rainbow Vomit for a colorful funhouse straight from Lewis Carroll’s dreams. Don’t let the bland storefront fool you: This immersive art experience is fully loaded with enough color and captivating artwork to keep you entertained for hours. The experience recently reopened, so don’t miss your chance to experience this one-of-a-kind exhibit for just $15. Trust me: It’s the most fun you’ll ever have at a gallery that has the word “vomit” in it.



New art pop-ups seem to pop up every week (pause for groans), so check out the VisitDFW calendar for more must-see events throughout the year. Oh, and if you take an awesome picture at one of these pop-ups (which I know you will), don’t forget to tag #VisitDFW on the ‘gram.

Featured Image: Candytopia
Courtesy: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Candytopia


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