New England pizzeria Flatbread Company

Dallas, Texas…their first adventure in the continental USA outside of New England.

Many asked… “Why Dallas’ Lower Greenville Avenue”? That answer is easy for them! When Josh Stone, their partner in Paia, Maui, introduced them to the local Dallas brothers David and Michael Leake, they knew they had to do something altogether!

When their family property on Lower Greenville became available, they found the home for them. Formally known both as “Richardson Pike” as well as the backbone of the Vickery Place Neighborhood the area’s rich history of being one of Dallas’ most important thoroughfares of the early 1900s captured our imagination.

They are thrilled to be part of the Greenville community fabric which they believe shares their values of clean food simply made. They look forward to forging new friendships and of course baking up partnerships with the farmers of Dallas!

See article by Dallas News


New England pizzeria Flatbread Company

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