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Welcome, little explorers!

Dive into a world on your scale! Roam, play, and discover together on an adventure filled with an indoor nature hike, exploring a pint-sized farmer’s market, splashing at the water play table, and crawling up, over, and through just about everything in sight. The Children’s Museum is for children ages 5 and under with their adult companions.

Get moving!

Put your athletic prowess to the test and understand the physical and mental demands it takes to become a great athlete. Inside the Sports Hall, you’ll discover that every field, court, track, and gym is a hands-on science lab. Get into the action by throwing a football, shooting a hockey puck, turning cartwheels and more — while a high-speed camera captures it all for you to analyze when you’re done

It’s all about YOU

The story of YOU begins with your ancestors; it travels through your DNA; it is held in your hands; it moves as you walk; it is heard through your voice; it is written in your brain.

We are thrilled to reveal our first completely transformed exhibit hall since opening five years ago. With twice as many interactive displays, and innovative content and experiments, you’ll be transported through the human journey as you explore the traits and abilities that are essential and unique to being human.

Not to be missed is a virtual reality experience, created by Groove Jones, that puts visitors in the middle of the South African cave where in 2015 researchers discovered a new species of primitive human, Homo naledi.

Discover the individual quirks and traits that make you, uniquely YOU.

Make your dreams come to life

Become an engineer as you uncover how math and science are used to solve everyday problems. Along the way, you’ll gain an understanding of how these two disciplines are the connection between bridges and robots. Engineers specialize in many different areas, from architectural and mechanical to electrical and software engineering. Come and build a better building, play tag with a robot, and test your engineering know-how in our new ChallENGe lab.

No hiking shoes needed!

Get ready for an indoor nature walk — where everything from single-cell organisms to complete ecosystems will open your mind to the power and potential of living things. You’ll discover fossils, taxidermy specimens, 3D animations, and interactive games that demonstrate how factors like genetics and environment are shaping the next generation of plants, animals — and even bacteria!

Venture deep into the past, present, and future of energy!

Each time you take a ride in a car, flip a light switch, or take a hot shower, you’re seeing energy in action. Come dive into the possibilities of energy and learn how we harness natural resources like oil, natural gas, and alternative energies. Experience what it’s like to turn the valves of a full-size wellhead, or use 3D technologies to map likely underground energy deposits. You’ll even have the chance to explore a drilling rig from the inside out as you take a virtual trip deep underground.

Gaze at natural beauty

Your eyes will be amazed by Earth’s original rock stars as they glisten, glimmer, and glow. Explore both the practical and beautiful aspects of these complex structures that serve as the building blocks of our planet. High-definition videos, digital puzzles, and touchable specimens will help you discover the astounding variety of colors, shapes, and configurations of minerals found across the globe.

Get ready for a 100% chance of change

Gaze into the eye of the storm, feel the ground quake beneath your feet, and take in a nearly fully articulated mammoth fossil unearthed right here in Texas. Earth, air, and water interact in ways that produce powerful results. Check out real footage from Texas weather events, get hands-on in immersive exhibits, and explore engaging multimedia stations that will help you discover how — and why — the land and climate on planet Earth are constantly changing.

Dig in!

Towering dinosaurs, rare fossils, and virtual paleo-habitats are just a few of the awe-inspiring discoveries you’ll make inside the T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall. Study everything from ancient animal bones and rare fossils to the bodies and behaviors of modern-day animals, and get an up-close-and-personal look into dinosaur life.

Space explorers needed!

Embark on a journey through our solar system and beyond to discover how scientists uncover the secrets of the universe. From an interactive stargazing adventure to an unusual obstacle course that moves at the speed of light, hands-on discovery is yours to be had. Stand in awe at the beauty of the stars, planets, and distant galaxies. Come feed your curiosity about our place in the universe that’s driven us into the sky in search of answers.

Is that a dinosaur at your bird feeder?

Even though dinosaurs like T. rex and Alamosaurus have faded into extinction, birds have adapted to survive. Come and explore fossil specimens, compare footprints, and weigh the evidence to discover the astonishing links between prehistoric dinosaurs and modern-day birds

Go behind the scenes

Find out the design-centered reasons why the escalator only goes up, how the building was made to “float” with custom-designed structural support, and learn how the wildlife on the plinth is a landscaped tour across Texas — and through time — that helps make the Museum eco-friendly.

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Monday–Saturday 10am–5pm

Sunday 11am–5pm

Last exhibit entry: 4pm


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