Indie coffee shop in South Dallas is now open at Bonton Farms

The owners plan to launch a new farmers market soon, too.

The Lucy Latte is made with goat milk and lavender at The Coffee Shop at Bonton Farms in South Dallas.(Lynda M. Gonzalez / Staff Photographer)

Bonton Farms in South Dallas, a “little haven for the community” with a restaurant and garden, has added a coffee shop and farmers market to its operation. Founder and executive director Daron Babcock says both efforts are intended to continue to make Bonton Farms a gathering place, as it sits in the middle of a food desert in one of Dallas’ poorest neighborhoods.

Barista James Villa prepares a cold brew coffee at The Coffee Shop at Bonton Farms.
Barista James Villa prepares a cold brew coffee at The Coffee Shop at Bonton Farms.(Lynda M. Gonzalez / Staff Photographer)

Bonton Farms’ coffee shop opened on Jan. 25, and the farmers market is expected to open in early February.

The restaurant, which opened on the property in 2018, has become a beloved spot for chefs and foodies. Not only does the eatery serve veggies grown right on the property, but it also serves as a connector for food-focused folks: Bonton is a place for people who live in northern parts of Dallas to experience South Dallas. And it’s a place for people in South Dallas to find healthy, local food to eat and buy.

The farm is also a place where neighbors in South Dallas can work in exchange for food. “We don’t give away stuff for free unless it’s a crisis situation,” says Babcock, a South Dallas resident. “But you can do anything around here of value to get food if you don’t have money.”

Babcock says he’s seen Bonton Farms “change the narrative” between people who live in North Dallas and South Dallas, “from us and them to we.”

“We have a deeper mission than just business,” Babcock says. “We’re trying to be a part of developing economy, healing our community and bringing people out to be able to sit down and relax and get to know each other. There’s no greater way to do that than food, but maybe second to that is over a cup of coffee.”


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5:00 AM on Jan 30, 2020

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