D-FW and most U.S. metros have seen big home price gains over the last decade

Nationwide values have risen $49,500 over 10 years.

Home prices in most U.S. markets have risen in the last decade.(Juan Figueroa / Staff photographer)

Anyone who’s tried to buy a home lately knows how much Dallas-Fort Worth real estate prices have risen during the last few years. And if you’ve lived in your home for a decade or more, the value increase may surprise you.

The National Association of Realtors looked at long-term home value gains in major markets across the country. The increase in price was based on tenure in the house.

If you bought a D-FW-area home a decade ago, the Realtors’ researchers estimate that your house has gained more than $50,000 in value — an appreciation of more than 41%.

The real estate trade group made the estimates based on changes in median home prices and compared increases in value over time.

Nationwide, the average homeowner saw a $49,500, or 39%, rise over the decade.

“The collapse in housing prices during 2005 through 2012 led to a large loss in home equity for many homeowners, with nearly $6 trillion of home equity wiped out and nearly 10 million in home foreclosures as the median existing-home sales price (single-family) fell by 25% from $221,900 in 2006 to a low of $166,200 in 2011,” Realtors researchers said in the new report. “However, home prices have rebounded since 2011, to $274,500 in 2019, a 65% gain from the 2011 trough and a 24% gain from the 2006 peak.”

Looking at other Texas markets, home prices have risen even more in the Austin area, where they’re up by an average of $78,600, or almost 57%, during the last 10 years.

Values on average rose $57,000, or 54.%, in the Houston area and $54,300, or 54.7%, in the San Antonio area.

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6:59 AM on Feb 24, 2020

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